Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fic: Once Upon a Hamburger... 1/2

Hello there, citizens of Earth, Eternia, and pretty much everywhere else! If you are reading this, you're probably either...
A: Bored out of your wits.
B: A lover of Once Upon a Time, humor, and McDonald's!
C: You don't understand what you're reading.

Well, for all of you who don't really know what you're about to read, this is a random idea that I thought up as my sister created this blog. Suffice it to say, it's a Once Upon a Time parody story, although don't get me wrong, I love OUAT, I just couldn't resist writing this. ;D

Summary: Henry decides to take Emma to a new restaurant opening in Storybrooke- McDonald's!- to discuss Operation Cobra. Unfortunately, everyone and their third cousin twice removed seems to want to go there as well. Add a creepy stalker Regina, and what do you get? A parody fic full of strangeness and hamburgers!

"Hey Mo-- Emma!" Henry yelled breathlessly as he ran up to his biological mother who was sulking around the streets of Storybrooke.
"What kid?" Emma grumbled unhappily. That stupid mysterious writer that came to town was making her mad. NOBODY kept secrets from Emma Swan and got away with it!
"Do you want to go to a new restaurant in town? I heard it's really cool! Plus we need to plan more of Operation: Cobra!" Henry asked excitedly, obviously not taking a hint that Emma was in a bad mood.
"Whatever." She muttered in a very OOC tone.
As Henry and Emma skipped and walked to the new fast food place, Regina -Who had been stalking Henry to see why he snuck out of her house- spotted them and gave her best signature Evil Queen glare to their backs. She hated when her son didn't tell her things. Especially things regarding that... person.
"Oh well. I suppose I'll just have to follow them and see what happens. Worst comes to worst, and I'll magically strangle her and take my son home." She grinned triumphantly but it was quickly replaced by a frown. "Why haven't I done that before..." She pondered with a scowl.
"Hey kid? I think someone's following us..." Emma whispered to Henry as they turned a corner.
"Well duh! I knew my mom would follow me, that's why we're going here!" He said with a melodramatic hand wave.
Emma was greeted by a large yellow "M" and gave a hugesigh.
"Kid, I hate McDonald's." She said in barely concealed disgust.
"Why?" Henry said in confusion. "No bother. We're here because my mother hates junk food. She says it's full of processed fat and crap like that." Henry said matter of factly.
"Crap? You've been listening to the mayor too much, Henry." Emma said with a raised eyebrow and then her eyes lit up.
"Regina hates this place? Sweet, I love McDonald's!"

PART 2 soon! xD