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A little school story.

In class, we write stories about a certain theme. This theme was "takes place in historical event or place". I picked the 1904 World's Fair. This is a short story and maximum is two pages. Hope you enjoy and feel free to give me critiques.

Missing at the World's Fair
               By: Brusselsprout Head #12

    "Look at this display, Patricia!" I exclaimed. I turned expecting to see my younger sister standing behind me with her on her toes trying to get a look at the display of how syrup is made but my little sister was nowhere in sight. Patricia was nowhere in sight.

   I quickly spun myself to look all over the small exhibit room. Patricia could be anywhere. My heart told me she wasn't in the room. I exited quickly, trying my best not to run into people.  Once out, I  scanned the huge crowd and my heart sank. She could be anywhere in this crowd, worse anywhere in the fair.

   I was soon bustling through the crowds and around carts. The long dress, many undergarments, and the tight corset didn't help with my movement at all. Running through out the crowd was even more difficult as I kept stepping onto other ladies' trains or would get a feather in the face from the hats.  I kept also running past vendor's talking about their goods and I would almost stop for a second, allured.

   I was soon confused about my whereabouts and was scanning the crowd and buildings but unfortunately, I had stumbled across the "live people exhibits" and was now unsure whether the children I saw where my sister or not. "Patricia! Patricia!" I called over and over while walking past these exhibits, knowing these were my sister's favorites. 

   People now began to look at me like I lost my head and with all the running into I've done, I know I must look terrible. My corset was beginning to chafe and my long skirt must be caked with mud. Even though my appearance was terrible I wasn't going to give up. I needed to find my sister.

   Hope was beginning to fade and I was praying my sister would be alright.  "Elizabeth! Over here!"
   I turned happiness overflowing thinking it was my little sister. When I located the little girl it wasn't Patricia. Another pair over sisters where reunited and my heart sank.
   I passed a group when I heard somebody say in an aghast tone, " That's preposterous! They couldn't have run out of bowls this early! Oh how will they serve the ice cream?" Something clicked in my brain and I knew where my sister was. I headed off in the direction I needed to go.
   My sister's favorite treat was ice cream and she was looking forward to tasting the world class ice cream here at the fair. She had to be by the ice cream stand. I recalled the conversation we had earlier, " Oh, Patricia, look at this they have 'live people exhibits' here. It's where there are people as the exhibit and we learn about their culture from their home lands," I said to my sister while looking over the brochure we where handed. " Interesting!" My sister exclaimed." I can't wait to look at them, but, dear sister, when are we going to the ice cream stand? I want to taste all of the wonderful flavors they have, and I'm beginning to get hungry. " I brushed it off, originally thinking that it was just my sister doing her usual whining. Now looking back on it, it told me her location.

   When I arrived at the ice cream booth, along side the buildings that were works of art, I found Patricia at the front of the line paying out of the small clutch she carried. I rushed up to her and hugged her hard not caring that her corset was probably squeezing her to death right now. "Sister," she wheezed, " please let go of me."
   " I'm just so glad to see you, again." I said while releasing her.
      "Here you go ma'am. I'm sorry for the long wait , but we ran out of bowls and had to use waffles to hold them." The vendor said while handing my sister her ice cream.
      I immediately saw the thing he was talking about when he told of the thing made out of the waffle. It was shaped like a cone but you could tell it was made out a waffle.
     "Mm." My sister groaned. " This is absolutely wonderful! Here, Lizzie, try some." She handed me her ice cream.

       I grabbed it and took a lick of the ice cream and took a bite of the waffle shaped cone. "Delicious!" I squealed and turned to the vendor and said, " What shall we call this?"
      "The ice cream cone." He said after a couple of second passed, clearly thinking about it.
     "The ice cream cone it is." I replied, nodding. "I would also like one." I handed over my money. After receiving the cone, I grinned. I was filled with happiness, because I found my sister and got to taste a new creation.

                The End

Sorry if there is anything missing. 

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