Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How I'd Live

The raindrops would fall and I could feel the sweet cold glass
But it wouldn't be all I had, though to get this, I'd be the last
I'd have those eyes, that sweet smile, I'd no longer have to grope
But I feel that day will never come, and for tomorrow I'm losing hope

Oh I'd dance around with my smile so bright, my eyes shining like the Sun
My worries would fly away to the sky, and I'd ignore everyone
Oh how I'd live if I could fly, and soar for miles and miles...
But today I lack love, and you wonder why this sad girl never smiles

Next fall I'll work my way through the fight,
Battle nosy high schoolers every day and night
I can be kicked by teasing until I go insane
But just waiting curious in silence gives the worst pain

Does he? He doesn't? I always assume not
But what is the true answer I have always sought?
Since the end of last April, I've pondered this thought
Could that sweet trumpet player like me or not?

Stand Alone Cover

Here' s a cover I made for my story, "Stand Alone". What do you think?

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Character Template

Here's a simple template you can use to build your characters:

Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:

Physical Description
Hair Color:
Hair Length:
Eye Color:
General Body Description:
Typical clothing style:

Education Level:
Languages & Dialects Spoken:

Character History:
Significant Other(s):
Anything Especially Unique?


Falling Back

The wind filed through every blade of grass with a series of soft rustles, each creeping closer to Aly's delicate ears. But not even the cheery bright green sea could whisk away her ocean of sadness. A flood had been born, but no one ever knew. There was a makeshift dam keeping the emotions inside, but soon would surely break. This makeshift obstacle was constructed of only strong cardboard, which leaked little tear drops now and then. But would anyone ever know the full maximum of Aly's sadness? It was the fear she lived in- knowing no one could ever evaluate of fathom the truth.
Aly kicked the rubble and toe-splitting rocks, now faced with a giant red and white fence. The fence blocked off a forest, warning her not to trespass. Lord knew why somebody would cut throats over a giant block of trees and a field of those tall, wheat-like plants Aly did not know the name of. However, this place had always been special to her. It wasn't a quiet thinking place or a place for investing sweet emotions into frivolous poetry. Oh no, it was much more than that. It had a cherished ominous feel that gave it a heartwarming personality. Aly had a thing for onimous, no matter how odd it may have seem. Suddenly, her stomach began to twist violently.
For one partial of a second, or seemingly one short eternity, a blurry face passed through Aly's mind as she eyed the field. Katrina. Could it be? Aly longed to sneak closer and run into the forest. The longer she thought, the more sick she felt. It had to be true. Katrina had been gone for a week. It was all clicking into place- where else could she be? She certainly had been taken.
It was then that Aly realized even more horror to it all. Maybe if Katrina hadn't been a medium, just maybe, she wouldn't have been gone. They had seen someone in the field the months leading up to her disappearance. Unpleasant things had happened. There were warnings, nightmares, faces, signs. If she hadn't communicated with the latter existence, where would she be today? It was physically easy, yet emotionally and mentally difficult to answer that.
In one motion, Aly pulled down the unstable fence and stepped into the woods. She ran into the field and was met with the predicted sight. Katrina laid with her eyes open, the rest of the details too grim to relay. It was all over now. Crystal had come. To know that the paranormal possessed such brutal homicidal abilities was too much for Aly to take. Suddenly, it all began to crash down.
Her best friend gone. No one left to understand her. Bullying. A frightening grade drop. Hurt. Anger. Misunderstanding. Hate. The fear of knowing she could be killed. But this time Aly did not cry. She did not know how to express such a blend of sadness and shock. All guns were now pointed at her. This was it. She returned back to the fallen gate, her back to the forest. She closed her eyes and stood still. A dash of darkness began to form in the air behind her. The darkness accumulated more bits of darkness and soon created a large portal-like hole.
Images of Aly's fears, nightmares, frightening figments of her imagination, and Crystal teemed inside of the hole, waiting for her. There was only one thing left to do. Aly had to give in to her fears. She had to give up and let the darkness carry her wherever she could go. Aly slowly leaned back and fell into the hole, engulfed by the darkness. Aly opened her eyes, and for a few seconds only saw darkness. Suddenly, a white light more brilliant and bright than the green grass shone all around her. She caught sight of Katrina's smiling face. She was okay. Everything from now and forever would be right. She was in a better place, away from her fears, her hurt, and her lonliness. Here, and here only, was where she needed to be.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Stand Alone -1/?

I’ve always stood alone; it’s been my motto ever since I started life in this accursed world. Don’t ever let anyone get too close, and always make sure you stand for what you think is right. The problem is I don’t know what to think anymore.

I looked on into the forbidding sky, no longer the bright azure color of a healthy planet, but a dull dust. Much like the color of tumbleweed one would’ve found in a Crayola crayons box. I always hated that color.

Suddenly, small, short vibrations emitted from the bone-dry asphalt beneath my Converse-covered feet. I tuned my ears to the wind, listening for the roaring, gasping, and deathly sound of the infectious hoard. Their noise carried subtly in the dusty breeze that was anything but cool. It was a hot breeze, telling tales of the doomed, desperate, and hopeless. I had yet to fall into one of those categories, and with any luck, I would survive for another day.

I put my father’s .45 Caliber in the holster clipped to the slightly-too-big black leather belt slung around my waist. I knew I had a limited amount of ammunition, and would have to get to a police station or gun shop soon to restock. Thankfully the hoard wasn’t extremely fast or efficient. The reason they were so deadly? They’re a horde; victimizing every life form in their path, whether it be reptilian or mammalian, human or animal. Nothing was safe.

Wiping my sweat-ridden hands on the thighs of my ripped jeans, I set out. I didn’t know where I was going or what was lying ahead. I was alone, depending on all the knowledge and wit I had gathered in my short fifteen years. My parents were taken by the hoard, my elder brother missing, and me, out here in the ghost (rather, hoard) town of Denver. This wasn’t how I ever expected the world to end. Decimated by a force known to science fiction and horror as zombies.


As usual, comments are greatly appreciated. :)

Edit: I had to fix the word "hoard" to "horde". I hadn't realized I was using the incorrect spelling for the word to mean "large crowd or group".

Friday, February 24, 2012


I came up with this idea a couple of days ago, but it is the strangest thing you would ever read. I'm going to put my idea in a poem for now, (it's 6:37AM on a school day as I'm typing this)but later I may actually write for it. I must say, it will be extremely difficult.

The war is the past, at least for me
As I burst through light years, out our galaxy
It takes only a few minutes with our high-speed ship
As we sail through space on a desperate life-saving trip

To the one hundred people aboard, the captain shouts,
"Andromeda rests here, be ready to confront your doubts"
I know he is right and I am frightened to be hurled into an endless bowl
As we creep closer and gravity rips us, we're sucked down into the black hole

A roar pierces out ears and we're yanked all about
Can't back out of it now, there's no way to get out
The sky is dark, so ever-frozen, and has no promise of light
Suddenly the brightness inside the craft appears to be a beautiful sight

It takes only a second for an object to come in sight,
We slow down and soon land, but how could that be right!
In this black hole, is another world, like Earth without nearby luminosity
After the captain finds it safe we begin to trudge, led by fascination and curiosity

So here I am today, or tonight as I might say
Hiding behind a darkened veil, feeling like fresh prey
As I watch the girl in the lighthouse light, her eyes fixed on to the ocean
She turns her head and I nearly gasp, each eye is glowing red-I won't dare to make a motion

Sunday, February 19, 2012

If I Bleed

The wind rushes through the trees
My cold face can feel the breeze
It's still and ever lonely
Not a soul around, if only

No one cares how I feel,
A reticent girl as cold as steel
But I fight my way into the night
One last look back, but there's no one in sight...

If I bleed, who will catch the drops
When they've fallen, it's like it'll never stop
I slip into the night so no one will hear my screams
For someone to care, I couldn't even dream,

If I could pick one to care,
I'd be unwilling to share,
But I know it's the only thing I'd want for sure
To dream about when I'm sore

But now I twirl in the wind to my own song
It's not mainstream, but that's not wrong
And I sway into the night
Know I'm barely searching for that light

It's out reach, just how I want it to be
But I know you'll never come to see...
Because if I bleed the reddened drops,
He's the only reason they would stop...

Word Challenge!

Your challenge today is to write a story (fan or original fiction) using the word "miscible".


Definition of MISCIBLE

: capable of being mixed; specifically : capable of mixing in any ratio without separation of two phases <miscible liquids>

Example: Oil and water aren't miscible.

It can be as long or short as you want it. Be creative or as dull as you can possibly be! Just use the word! :D


Saturday, February 18, 2012

No Longer the Arena

This is a response to Arianna's writing prompt/challenge!  :D  This is Peeta's {from The Hunger Game} perception.  :)

  I swished my head back and forth as I searched for Katniss.  Where had she disappeared off to?  Was she going against me?  Had she decided only she would have a chance of winning the Games?
  I quickly pushed the thought away from my head.  Why would she only want to win the Games?  It would do District 12 a great deal of good for us both to win, maybe they'd actually have pride in us and themselves.
  I began to venture out into the woods, happy the weather had cleared up.  Katniss was most likely hunting, making the best of the cool air and sun.
  I didn't dare call out her name, didn't dare go anywhere near where I knew the others might hide.  But I did know that I was well, which was a very nice change compared to how ill I had been before.  I could finally move fully.
  Wandering in the woods wasn't my cup of tea, I would've much rather been gathering food, and knowing where that part was.  I didn't know if Katniss had ever been near these parts of woods, but I did know that I hadn't.  Worry began to settle over me when I saw before me an area that wasn't wooded.
  Where in the arena was this?  I'm pretty sure someone would've found this area, but it seemed completely untouched.  I walked a little more into the space, and I could definitely see the trees begin to let up, a road beginning to grow.
  "What the heck," I muttered, not recognizing I was even speaking.
  The road continued to grow, and before I knew it, I was in a normal part of Panem, I believe.  I looked around hesitantly.  Was I hallucinating?  This couldn't have been real, this didn't look like any of the districts, not even the Capital.  It was nice, but strangely so.  Nothing like District 12, nothing like the Capital.  It didn't look like anything in Panem at all.
  I took a few more cautious steps, but nothing blew up, I wasn't captured in a constricting net, I felt oddly safe.  So, I walked a little longer.
  Before I knew it, a person was in front of me, but it wasn't Thresh or Cato, and it DEFINITELY was not Katniss.  This must've been a dream!
  "Who's there?" a girl squeaked.
  I walked a little closer, unsure if I could speak.  I saw a girl that looked to be about my age standing there, holding some sort of rope with an animal-was that a dog?-on the end of it.
  The girl looked startled.  "Who are you and why are you here?"
  "I-I'm Peeta Mellark," I stuttered, surprising myself with the few words I could utter out.
  The girl looked at me with a confused expression on her face.  "Who are you, though?  Where did you come from, why where you in the woods?"
  "It's a long story," I told her.  "Would you mind telling me where I am?"
  The girl chuckled lightly.  "Ah, are you a traveler who got lost?"
  "You could put it that way, I guess," I mumbled.
  "Well, you're in Adams, Tennessee!" the girl gushed over-enthusiastically.  "Welcome!" She stuck out her hand and I shook it gingerly.
  "What's the date?" I queried.
  "July 17, 2012," she replied nonchalantly.
  What? I thought to myself. It was most definitely not 2012 the last time I checked.  We had only heard of such times in school.
  "Why do you have that funny look on your face?" she giggled.
  I batted my eyes, open, close, open, close, hoping I would open my eyes to see Katniss standing over me, waking me up from a crazy dream.
  "I have to go," I grunted. "Goodbye."  I walked away, then, down the rock-like surface of the road.
  "Wait!" the girl called, running back to her house and shooing her dog into the door.  She caught up with me and started walking along with me.  "So, Peeta, I'm Heather."
  I stared at my feet.  "Hello, Heather."
  I wasn't caring about this girl's name, I was caring about how I could get back to Katniss.  She didn't need to be worried sick about me.  Heather rambled on and on about whatever it was she was speaking about, but all I cared was how to get back to the arena, even if it meant that I might die in there, I needed Katniss and Katniss needed me.
  I turned on my heel quickly, leaving Heather behind.
  "Hey!" Heather yelped at my quick turning, making her feel lonely.  "Stop goin' so fast, you need to slow down and enjoy the scenery!"
  I sighed.  "I can't, I know where I need to go, and I need to get back.  Goodbye now."
  Heather's hand brushed up against my arm as I walked off, and I felt her warmth, her distaste for me leaving, but I couldn't stay here.  I needed to get back to the arena, and I needed a way how.


  So, I hope you enjoyed!  I might actually continue this, but I don't know.  Thanks for this awesome prompt, Danielle!  It was so much fun to write!



Here is a challenge/writing prompt for all of you!

Pick your favorite characters from your favorite movie, book, tv show, etc. Now, write a story where, somehow, those characters fall into the real world, and, for whatever reason, have to turn to you for help. It's best if you use characters from a world completely unlike ours; makes for great humor!

Bonus points if you can make the whole thing happen realistically!

So, anyone feel like doing this? You can claim this prompt in the comments!

Character Questioner

 Well, here's a questioner for you your character to fill out.  :)  I have answered it with my character Elizabeth from a story I could post on here!

Hello, what's your name?

Cool!  How old are you?
  Thirteen, but it's kind of creepy of you to be asking.

What are you interested in?
  Dance.  =]

What do you excel at in school?
  I'm best at math, probably, but I'm a language fan.

Where do you live?
  STALKER MUCH!  But, I live in Kansas City, Kansas, for now . . . I've yet to figure out if I get the chance to move to New York for my ballet career.

What is your appearance?
  I'm medium-height, tall enough to be in the back in our dances, but short enough to sometimes get the center, long legs.  Long, straight, brown hair, brown eyes, and a light complexion.  I always have my hair up in some sort of way, whether it be a braid or a bun.  ;]

Who is your best friend?
  Her name is Lilah Roberts.  =]

Do you have any siblings?
Nope, I'm an only child.

Any "special someone's"?
Heck no!

Nervous habits?
I play with my pony tail.  =P

Do you doodle on your papers at school?
Yes, and it annoys my parents.  XD


  So, yeah.  XD  That's about it.  This is my first post!  XD


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Only Light- Poem/Song (Newest work on my blog)

Raindrops fell, and my fingers matched the tap
My old typewriter filled in letters with a snap
What's become of me, as I'm slowly drowning?
Will I ever get my last crowning?

It will only just stay with me
And my tears would fill the sea
So all I can do is write...
It's my only light

I hear a whistle, a voice, a song
But it surrounds me and its feels wrong
Doesn't matter if it's there,
I can hear it, but I shouldn't care

I see a face inside the mirror
Next to my own, then it'd disappear
I can't explain why I am
Only write so you understand

It will only just stay with me
And my tears would fill the sea
So all I can do is write...
It's my only light

Footsteps tap, tap the stairs so lightly
But it's not like I don't hear this nightly
I'm feeling brave and I stand up to see
No one's there, or could they be?

Her pale face is in the mirror
After a glance it'd disappear
I punch the glass for all to hear
...But I still only live in fear...

It will only just stay with me
And my tears would fill the sea
So all I can do is write...
It's my only light

I try to make you understand
But we'll never walk hand in hand...
I'm falling fast, but you won't catch me tonight
...But I still write...It's my only light

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Survivor of Rhine- Part 1/2

This was inspired by Cats 101, which featured Persians. XD

April 7, 2023

I am afraid the ship will sink, just as my mystical subconscious has foretold. What will be left of us? Who and what will be discovered on the unforgiving ocean floor? Will this vessel be draped over the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and never be found? Slide to the shore of a tropical, nearly deserted island? Discovered before it sinks to the bottom? Make it to the Promise Land after all? New York is surely days away.

Storms are beating the ship on the outside, and my hopes on the inside. Chartreuse is laying on my of books I have so messily stacked a the side table. Her cold green eyes are set on the porthole and the rain drops begging to seep in. As if to tell herself not to worry, Char shifts her position to that of one just a bit cozier. Loose pages sticking out from the books crackle in friendly tones at the light touch of her fluffy legs. Chartreuse is the sweetest Persian cat I will ever know, and the best companion for an ominous trip such as this. The only others I wish to be here are my two best friends.

Two thousand twenty-three is known as The Tenth Year. In two thousand thirteen, Catherine Rosenthal came to power. Ever since, she has been slowly establishing a tyrant system of monarchy, with her as the queen, of course. Most of Germany is now militarized, but one of the last places left is the Sub. The Sub is an area made of many southwestern cities surrounding the Rhine River. Many of us from the Sub have secretly taken ships to sail to America, a land still healing from its own latest civil war. Lindsey Schmidt, one of my friends, stayed behind to fight with some of the others from the Sub. Everyone knew that the queen's forces would soon reach us, and it seems they did. But somehow, they did it in secret.

In mid March, the citizens of the Sub woke up alarmed. Ten people had mysteriously gone missing. Two schoolteachers, three office workers, two grocery workers, and three high school students. One of those students was my other best friend, Henrietta Braun. She's only seventeen, not of any importance to an army sent to decimate all opposers. No one else captured would have been considered 'significant'. They must have been randomly picked as hostages. It would make sense, as Henrietta has always been uneasy about the idea of fighting back, much to brave Lindsey's annoyance. She sure wasn't much of a traitor. My best friend was a hostage, and I may never see her again. My other best friend has her mind set to fight, and I may never see her again. All I have now is miss Chartreuse Decker, my sweet and loving feline friend.

-Karina Decker

Friday, February 3, 2012

Fic: Silent Vipers 1/?

Author's note: So, there's not a whole lot of action in this part. You get a peek in to Kaniri culture (at least, the Keturi tribe, that is.), and some slight character development between the protagonist and her family.

Comments are my inspiration. Without them, I often lose the energy to write. So, please leave some. :)

Everything below is one hundred percent mine. I have not ripped off any work that I know of; trying to be as original as possible here. ;)

Read on, my dears, read on!

The encampment was bustling with the dawn’s excitement. As usual for the Keturi, the day started at Wq’in’s rising, and didn’t end until she set.

Inside what we would tend to call a tent, Asq awoke, allowing herself to completely rouse before rising. Pointed, dog-like ears flitted, as though stretching themselves to consciousness. Her snout, covered in a generous layer of reddish brown fur, inhaled the scent of fresh *tallka meat cooking on a pan; her father was making her favorite breakfast. Light brown eyes opened, and the Kaniri girl sat up rather reluctantly. Her **qo’lope wool blanket was pleasantly warm, and she didn’t like to let her fluffy, two-toned tail get chilled in the frigid morning air.

“R’qu, get up,” Asq said, slightly sleepy as she walked lazily across the ***marq, heading to wake up her younger brother. She carefully avoided her father, who was crouched on the earthy floor beside a crackling fire.

R’qu gave a groan and rolled over, taking his tallka skin blanket with him. Asq took a step closer and gave him a nudge with her foot, and accidentally struck him with one of her dark claws, which led him to roll over into the leather side of the marq. Asq took notice that they would have to get a new ****vreenak hide soon if they’d want to actually have a place to live.

“Asq, leave your little brother alone,” Ki’n, her father, told her as he turned over the delectable meat, the smell of which was making Asq’s mouth water. Tallka meat was always her favorite breakfast; a slightly smoky flavor, a crisp brown coating, tender meltiness. Ah, it was like being in the Illturi’s Hall.

R’qu broke her daydreams with a loud protest. “She’s only five revolutions older than me!” R’qu crossed his arms huffily.

“Well,” Asq started, “that means I’m fifteen revolutions, and you are only ten. Therefore, I am the boss of you. Right, Father?” She glanced in Ki’n’s direction, searching with pleading eyes for support. Asq read R’qu’s thoughts. Please Father, don’t let her boss me around.

The older Kaniri had laid the food on a leather platter, and was now using a sharpened vreenak bone to slice the delectable meat into thick pieces. Lifting his yellow and black head, he replied, “The Illituri carve our paths for us, Asq; you know that. They are the ones we are responsible to, not one another.” Asq looked down slightly in embarrassment; their gods were probably not the happiest with her at the moment. She had wasted some wood yesterday… “Now, we can see the Fre’er has blessed us with this delectable tallka. Let us not allow it to become chilled and inedible.”

Asq and R’qu sat down cross-legged beside Ki’n and eagerly picked up a piece of the caramel-colored meat. Saying a quick word of gratitude to the Illituri, they quickly started to devour the meat with their sharp teeth, wondering what the day would have in store for them.

*Tallka: A small, hare-like animal. They tend to have horns similar to those of a rhinoceros scaling from the tip of their nose to in between their large ears. Tallka generally are a burnt pumpkin color. They’re hides and furs are using to make summer blankets and clothes, and can be dyed using different berries.

**Qo’lope: An animal resembling a penguin. They have fluffy coats that are varying shades of brown. The Kenturi Kaniri tend to keep them around camp, using their wool for items such as blankets and winter clothing.

***Marq: A marq is a Kenturi Kaniri house similar to a tepee of Native American humans. They are often made out of vreenak hides, but children’s play marqs can be made out of tallka hides.

****Vreenak: A large, mammalian animal capable of flight. It has furry wings that are often fifty feet in wing span, making it one of the largest animals on Kanirus. Vreenak are dangerous to hunt, as they have huge fangs that grow to be three and a half feet long. They have paws similar to those of lions, and heads closely resembling bears. They’re black in color.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Once Upon A Hamburger... 2/2

Part 2

A.N, everybody is supposed to be a bit (HAHA) out of character, so that's why they are. ;) Also, yeah, I suppose this is rated TV-Y7 because two people are kissing...? LOL, whatever.

"OK kid, now what?" Said poor, uncomfortable Emma as the kids in the play place next to her and Henry ran around being obnoxious and screaming at the top of their lungs. She could definitely see why Regina hated it here as much as she did.

"Well, now we wait." Henry said vaguely and glanced around as if looking for someone.

"Wait for what?" Emma said and winced as some stupid kid threw a french fry at her head.

"Wait for the other member to arrive! Duh!" Henry said in a half-whisper, half-yell at Emma.

"And this other member is...?" Emma asked.

"Sheriff Graham of course!" Henry said as Emma wondered whether or not to remind Henry that Graham died. Oh well.

"Hello, Miss Swan."

Emma swiveled her head around thinking it was probably Regina.

"What do you want?" She muttered and picked a pickle off her signature red leather jacket.

Henry's eyes grew wide, he turned around and started flipping through that stupid book of his. Regina looked at the book and her eyes narrowed into slits. (IT'S VOLDEMORT!)

"MY BOOK!" She shouted and everyone turned to look at her.

"Hey, I'm the evil qu-- mayor," She said correcting herself quickly, but not quick enough for Henry. Before she could finish her sentence, Henry grabbed his book and ran into the play equipment with eyes wide in fear.

"MY BOOOOOOK!" Regina yelled. "Petrificus--Oh wait, that's Harry Potter. HENRY! AS YOUR MOTHER I DEMAND YOU GIVE MY PROPHESYING BOOK BACK!" She yelled in a un-Regina like manner.

"Very Evil-Queenish." Emma said laughing. Regina turned on her heel and gave a death glare to rival Benjamin Sisko's.

"THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!" Regina screeched in a high pitched tone and began chasing Emma around the room in her seven inch heels with remarkable stability. Did I say stability? A random kid stole her shoes right off her feet, and she fell on her face. "STUPID KID!" But while she gave the kid the reprimand of his life, she lost sight of Emma.

Emma ran to the ordering counter and caught her breath.

"Hey you! Yeah, ordering lady! I need sixteen hamburgers and four cheeseburgers. Here's my credit card, I'll be under that booth!" She yelled an order and she slid under the booth farthest away from the PlayPlace and psycho-Regina.

She thought she was safe, and then turned around and her eyes grew wide.

"Mary Margaret? David Nolan? What the heck are you guys doing?" She said with a weird expression on her face.

"Um... nothing?" Mary Margaret offered weakly as she and David broke their kiss. Then David stood up with a royal expression on his face.

"I have now remembered! Thank you my lovely Snow White! I now know I am Prince Charming, and shall hamburger all who oppose me!" He yelled and pulled off one of the table's legs and then proceeded to run around the room stealing hamburgers from children and throwing them at the adults who laughed at him.

Mary Margaret stood up and shouted, "Go get them, Charming! YAY!" She squealed as he took down the same bratty little boy who tossed a pickle at Emma.

Emma saw Regina come into the room with the remnants of a Big Mac all over her hair. She looked MAD. (That's an understatement)

Emma rushed to the counter and took her order. "HIYAH!" She shouted and flung a cheeseburger at Regina. Who in turn, tossed a McFlurry at Emma and soiled her red jacket, which magically cleaned itself.

"Take that Queenie!" She shouted, laughing maniacally.

Mr. Gold walked in-- CUE FANGIRL SQUEALING!-- and looking ever-so awesome, strode over to Mary Margaret to get her opinion on the situation.

"Who's Mary whatsit? I'm Snow White." She said indifferently and then looked at his face and gasped. "IT'S RUMPELSTILTSKIN! Charming..." She thought up a thoroughly displeasent fate and grinned. "BIG MAC HIM!"

Mr. Gold, not looking very dignified now, ran out of the McDonald's and called the police.

Emma's phone rang as she was hiding behind the counter. "Hello? Hi-yah Regina! Ooo, burns eh?!! HAHA! Oh, Gold, what? Uh-huh, I'll make sure to finish it. Later." She threw down the phone and it broke.

"Take this Regina!!!" She flung her final hamburger at Regina's face. It landed with a dramatic splat, and Regina's eyes rolled back and she fell over. The battle was won.

Emma heaved a sigh happily and sank into a booth, she smiled and then thought about Mr. Gold and plotted in her mind. "Hey kid? What do you say we go ding-dong-ditch Mr. Gold a few thousand times?"

The End.
Or is it? MWAHAHA! Hope you enjoyed. xD It was certainly fun to write.

Fic: Silent Vipers -Prologue

A pair of reddish ears patched with black flicked around, trying to locate the source of the alarmed yelps. Oh no, she thought, and quickly tried to read her younger brother’s thoughts. They were frantic, worried, and deadly. He was scared he was going to die.

She quickly decided to focus on the mental images, and preview her brother’s sight. She saw flaming hoods coming out of the necks of the invaders. “Dre’sk,” she muttered softly. “How dare those yrong capture R’qu.”

She had to do something, and quick. The conquerors might just decide to prick her brother’s pure white neck with ivory fangs, brimmed with venom. He was going to die…


So, what do you guys think? This is just the prologue; the actual story is going to start before this so you actually know what is going on, who these people are, and learn a little bit about their culture. And you'll learn the protagonist's name...

I'm trying to decide if I should keep writing from third person POV or if I should switch to first person. Which one would you people prefer to read? :)