Monday, October 15, 2012


Since everyone wants new members and new posts, fine. I'll write something.
A small little boy with feathery brown hair
A bright golden heart but deep hurt in his stare
Caught in the hands of evil with someone who should love
His mother's faulty 'wisdom' did not come from above

There was only one thing that could keep this quiet boy sane
Despite, how in his mother's words, he was 'wasting his brain'
Only one thing to keep the storm in his eyes tame
This innocent young boy had always loved to game

The push of the smooth buttons with his nimble fingers
It was here, when he was hurt, he would always linger
The arcade was always there, holding together his life like tape
And it was here that he would find a great escape

One day while pushing buttons during a heated sword fight
The boy rose off the floor and was sucked into the light
His feet returned to the ground, but the floor was not the same
It was earthy and green and pixelated- just like in the game

In his hand he held a sword, its blade posessing a brilliant gleam
He was strong-unlike anytime else in his life, it would seem
But now the boy who cowered in the corner stood like a tall tower
And in place of the raging storm, his big brown eyes now held power

And so the boy ventured on his journey at the mercy of a game
But his pixelated predators could not defeat the boy with the much chanted name
It was an amazing escape for a boy trapped in despair
Who now held triumph in his eyes to fill his empty state

I came up with this idea from a song my brother played in his car. The song featured the sort of music you would hear in video games, and I visualized a story to go along with the music. I envisioned a small boy- a victim of his mother's abuse- playing video games in his safe place, the arcade. Suddenly, the Bo is sucked into the game and becomes a heroic video game character, journeying through the game and defeating the forces that oppose him, giving him the strength and power he had never had in his normal life.

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