Monday, March 4, 2013

Same Sad Tale

She hides and screams at those who listen
The fire shines as her blue eyes glisten;
Ever so slightly, but still silence the flames
For if only her stormy waters could be so tame

Edging to insanity, not finding the end
Not finding a way to make, break, or mend
What's been thrown on the dirt, forgotten and tread on,
And no one seems to realize that it hasn't yet gone

While you ignore it and find new adventure
The same sad tale continues to bend her
Until she's warped and twisted and so out of place
You soon can not bring yourself to recognize her face

You think you're healing her, telling her that she's not doomed
But all you're really doing is throwing salt into the wound
As she's hating the world for one little thing she's waiting for someone to say
And as the hours grow on, she doesn't think she can take one more day

The silence kills, the pain will take her down
Unless everything she knows is turned around
Her complaints fall to impaired ears
As the wonder only amplifies her fears

So she holds to what she has, the anger her fight
There's only one way to the legend's light;
To sort through all the hate,
But she can no longer wait

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