Saturday, August 25, 2012

Time to Say Goodbye

  Hey everypony, it's Carolyn!  I decided that I need to cut down on all the blogs I own.  It's quite crazy the amount that I have right now, and it's simply not going to work all that well.  Therefore, I'm going to remove myself from Siete de Awesome.  I've never really posted my work on here, so I feel like it's just taking up space on my dashboard, I suppose.  I love ALL of y'all here!  I'm not leaving the blogging world, just this blog.  Love you all! <3



  1. BYE! We'll all miss u.
    Well, I wonder what ur gonna do now. Ses (sp?) De Awesome doesn't sound as cool.

  2. Yeah, I like Siete De Awesome :) Not Seis De Awesome :(

  3. aw.

    hehe, well, you have one less person now, because I also quit. I only contributed the blog designs, and I'm not much into writing...

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze


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